How long does the inspection last?
The average time varies according to the dimensions of the building. In most cases, an inspection lasts less than two hours

What methods do you use to inspect the building?
The methodology and tools that we use are not invasive and/or destructive. The state of the building will be preserved

Is the presence of the owner required during inspection ?
No. We just need the keys to the building in order to have access to all its parts and be able to perform a complete inspection

Do I need to provide technical documents?
In order to facilitate the job, a plan of the building, as well as cadastral data and the instruction leaflet of the heating system, would be desirable

How long does it take to have a full report?
Once we obtain all the data and documents, a report is drafted within ten days

What geographical areas are covered by CasaInspection?
We work mainly in Northern Italy but we are expanding our team to cover the whole country

Do you inspect exclusively residential buildings ?
No, we perform inspections of commercial and industrial spaces too

What happens if parts of the building are found in violation current regulations, or if they are unsafe?
CasaInspection offers an extra technical assistance for planning a complete solution to any potential problem